Medical facilities

There is one large sickbay facility located on deck 10, equipped with:

  • two intensive-care wards
  • laboratories
  • nursery
  • the CMO’s office
  • surgical suites
  • a null-grav therapy ward
  • a morgue
  • a biohazard isolation unit
  • and a dental care office


Also pursuant to new Medical Protocols, all Medical Facilities are equipped with holo-emitters for the emergency usage of the Emergency Medical Hologram System.

Pursuant to Starfleet General Policy and Starfleet Medical Emergency Operations, at least 40% of the officers and crew of the Akira class are cross-trained to serve as Emergency Medical Technicians, to serve as triage specialists, medics, and other emergency medical functions along with non-medical emergency operations in engineering or tactical departments. This set of policies was established due to the wide variety of emergencies, both medical and otherwise, that a Federation Starship could respond to on any given mission.

The observation lounge, along with the VIP/guest quarters, can serve as emergency intensive care wards, with an estimated online timeframe of 30 minutes with maximum engineering support. Further, areas of the primary flight deck, as well as Cargo Bay 2 and 3, can be re-tasked for emergency overflow triage centers. Cargo Bay 3 also provides for emergency atmosphere recalibration to type H,K, or L environments, intended for non-humanoid casualties.

Starfleet’s experiment with placing families on board its line vessels was in progress during the design phase of the Akira class, thus the dedicated nursery facilities. In many later-build Akira hulls, these facilities are still present, but are often re-tasked for mission specific duties, since few Akiras in active service continue to carry civilian populations. The USS Axanar is such a vessel.

All facilities are equipped with full Bio-hazard suites, to minimize and prevent crew exposure to potentially deadly diseases.

These details are taken from A Call to Duty, with deckplan via Azeri Fleet, with some additions of my own. I have made some changes to the location of sickbay, to match the cutaway deckplans here. The A Call to Duty specs are interesting, but I think a touch suspect, and for consistency I’m using the Strategic Design plans as canon.


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