This site would be impossible without the work of my players (listed under Starfleet Command on the Axanar’s plaque), the great writers and crew of the series (I’ve noted DS9’s team on the plaque, because that series is massively influential on my writing), and a handful of outstanding websites by people possibly even more dedicated to Star Trek fandom than I am. Here are some of the best sites I’ve found – and been inspired by – in my online travels.

Memory Alpha
ne of the best sites online for discussion of every episode, character, and event in the series. Memory Alpha compiles info from a range of sources, and has some of the best overall descriptions of large, multi-season events, such as the Dominion War. It’s also a fine site to check on technical specs. But speaking of technology…

Daystrom Institute Technical Library
If you want technical details of every ship, not just according to canon, but with a mind to making all the disparate scales and descriptions of the show make sense, DITL is your site. From the Akira to the Borg Tactical Cube, each ship is listed with design history, mission details, and an amazing set of comparative combat stats. On top of that, there are articles on things like how torpedoes and their various launchers work, the size of various fleets, and more. It is epic fandom.

Starstation Computer Art
Not only does this guy deliver some great CGI models, but he’s a stickler for interior detail as well, from shuttle-bays to boarding areas to cargo hatches. Even better, he’s another fan of one of the great non-canon Trek starships, the Akyazi class Perimeter Action Ship from the excellent Ships of the Fleet books. Very much a visual inspiration, and the ill-fated USS McCook is borrowed with respect from SCA.

Padsbrat’s Doings and Musings
Master MSD maker, including the Master Systems Display behind this site.

Star Trek LCARS Blueprint Database
The biggest collection of official, semi-official, and downright apocryphal blueprints of Star Trek starship I’ve ever seen. Even if some of them are cruelly limited!


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