Louise Brooks Pierce

PierceBorn: 2341

Homeworld: Earth

An excellent combat physician, Brooks also has Science training, and is known for her research work into Dominion biology, and Cardassian genetic alteration techniques. She has also consulted with Starfleet Intelligence on a number of missions.

Notable achievements: Survivor of the Battle of Wolf 359; REDACTED for Starfleet Intelligence; detailed research into Cardassian morphogenic intelligence techniques; currently working on a detailed study of Jem’hadar biology.

Career details

  • Graduated from Starfleet Academy, Ensign 2363
  • Assigned to USS Saratoga, Lab Assistant, under Cpt. Saros (Exploration Fleet) – 2363 – 2367
  • Battle of Wolf 359 2367
  • Re-enters Starfleet Academy, Medical Division – 2367 – 2370
  • Graduates as Doctor, promoted to Lt. – 2370
  • USS Ballista, CMO/Science Officer, under Cmdr. Jake Lombardo (TacFleet, unassigned) – 2370 – 2372
  • Promoted to Lt. Senior Grade
  • USS Axanar, Chief Medical Officer, under Cmdr. Jake Lombardo (TacFleet, Rolor Sector) – 2372

Published Research

Starfleet Medical and Tactical Report – The Jem’Hadar

Starfleet Medical Journal: Haradan Sensory Network

Starfleet Intelligence report: Cardassian Morphogenic Technology

Breen biotechnology in a Breen Refrigeration Suit


  SF-DistinguishedServiceMedal  InnovativeServiceCitation    Dedicated Service Citation - 2372


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