Jake Lombardo

LombardoBorn: 2329

Homeworld: Earth

Currently serving his second command on the USS Axanar, Lombardo was on the command track during his service on the ill-fated USS Monitor. Following that vessel’s destruction, Lombardo took administrative leave (and under the ministration of Counsellor Lt. Ariana Rymon), until allowing himself to be convinced to take command of the USS Ballista.

Notable achievements: Cardassian War veteransuccessful First Contact, Haradans; REDACTED for Starfleet Intelligence.

Career details

  • Graduated from Starfleet Academy, Ensign 2350
  • Assigned to USS Rutledge, Torpedo Room, under Cpt. Ben Maxwell (Cardassian border patrol, Badlands survey) – 2351 – 2352
  • USS Stargazer, Phaser Control, under Cpt. Jean Luc Picard (Exploration Fleet) – 2352 – 2355
  • Promoted to Lt. JG 2355
  • Starbase 375, Diplomatic staff, under Captain Deno’be – 2355 – 2357
  • USS Kalinin, Junior Tactical Officer, under Cmdr. Jonathan Edwards (TacFleet, Cardassian interdiction) – 2357 – 2360
  • Promoted to Lt. 2360
  • USS Phoenix, Beta shift Tactical Officer, under Captain Ben Maxwell (TacFleet, Dorvan Sector) – 2360 – 2363
  • USS Enterprise, Gamma shift Tactical Officer, under Cpt. Jean Luc Picard (Exploration Fleet) – 2363 – 2366
  • Promoted to Lt. Cmdr 2366
  • USS Monitor, 2IC Tactical Officer, Second Officer, under Captain Akira Morita (TacFleet, Dorvan Sector) – 2366 – 2369
  • The Monitor Incident 2369
  • Starbase 12, administrative leave, then TacFleet Liaison under Admiral Etser Rane – 2369
  • Promoted to Commander
  • USS Ballista, Commanding Officer (TacFleet, Alpha Majoris sector) – 2370 – 2372
  • USS Axanar, Commanding Officer (TacFleet, Rolor Sector) – 2372


  Meritorious Service Citation  SF-DistinguishedServiceMedal  SF-DistinguishedServiceMedal  Purple-Heart  Cochrane-MedalofDiscovery  Dedicated Service Citation - 2372


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