BintarBorn: Classified

Homeworld: Andor

On long term loan to Starfleet from the Andorian Special Forces, Bin-tar was until recently the USS Ballista’s Bosun. However, for service in the field he has received his commission. With the transfer to the USS Axanar, he has added Security functions to his role as Tactical Officer.

A fact his non-commissioned crew-mates rather enjoy.

Notable achievements: REDACTED for Starfleet Intelligence.


  • Graduate, Andor Military College – 2364
  • Liaison officer with Starfleet since – 2367
  • USS Ballista, Helm Officer, Tactical Officer, under Capt. Jake Lombardo (TacFleet) – 2370 – 2372
  • Promoted to Ensign – 2371
  • Promoted to Lt. Junior Grade – 2372
  • USS Axanar, Tactical/Security Officer, under Capt. Jake Lombardo (TacFleet, Rolor Sector) – 2372


  EmeraldStarofKaisan  MeritoriousServiceCitation  Dedicated Service Citation - 2372


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