Ariana Rymon

RymonBorn: 2338

Homeworld: Betazed (native)

A gifted counsellor and skilled empath, Rymon is a quiet but determined officer. If she has any failings, it is that she is perhaps a touch naive.

Recently found to be the Bajoran Caretaker, a position somewhat analogous to that of Emissary. Starfleet is a little concerned that its officers keep getting recruited into Bajor’s religious pantheon.

Notable achievements: Counselled survivors of the Monitor Incident.

Career Details

  • Graduated from Starfleet Academy, Lt. JG 2359
  • Assigned to the USS Galaxy, Counselor, under Cpt. Atrus Min (Exploration Fleet) – 2360 – 2366
  • Starbase 12, Counselling Staff, under Admiral Etser Rane – 2366 – 2370
  • Promoted to Lt. SG 2370
  • USS Ballista, Counselor, under Cmdr. Jake Lombardo (TacFleet, Alpha Majoris Sector) – 2370 – 2372
  • Promoted to Lt. Commander – 2372
  • USS Axanar, Counsellor, under Cmdr. Jake Lombardo (TacFleet, Rolor Sector) – 2372


    MeritoriousServiceCitation  Dedicated Service Citation - 2372


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