Annabelle Archer

ArcherBorn: 2341

Homeworld: Earth

One of the best young Engineers in the Fleet, and from an even more prestigious family, Archer is one of the youngest line vessel Chief Engineers in Starfleet. She kept her last ship, the USS Ballista running with verve and initiative, while also producing good theoretical work in the area of warp mechanics.

Notable achievements: Served under rogue Starfleet captain Ben Maxwell on the USS Phoenix (found to be innocent of any negligence); some of her calculations in variable warp dynamics have been employed in the new Intrepid design; recently turned down a posting to oversee new hull development, Utopia Planitia; REDACTED for Starfleet Intelligence.

Career Details

  • Graduated from Starfleet Academy, Ensign 2362
  • Assigned to the USS Enterprise, Warp core tech, under Cpt. Jean Luc Picard (Exploration Fleet) – 2363 – 2367
  • USS Phoenix, Engineer 2IC, under Cpt. Ben Maxwell, Cpt. Sula Eline (TacFleet, Dorvan Sector) – 2367 – 2370
  • The Phoenix Incident 2367
  • Promoted to Lt. 2370
  • USS Ballista, Chief Engineer, under Cmdr. Jake Lombardo (TacFleet, Alpha Majoris Sector) – 2370 – 2372
  • Promoted to Lt. Senior Grade
  • USS Axanar, Chief Engineer, under Cmdr. Jake Lombardo (TacFleet, Rolor Sector) – 2372


  SF-DistinguishedServiceMedal  Meritorious Service Citation  InnovativeServiceCitation  Dedicated Service Citation - 2372


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