Captain Jake Lombardo, Commanding Officer
Currently serving his second command on the USS Axanar, Lombardo was on the command track during his service on the ill-fated USS Monitor. Following that vessel’s destruction, Lombardo took administrative leave (and under the ministration of Counsellor Lt. Ariana Rymon), until allowing himself to be convinced to take command of the USS Ballista.

Notable achievements: Cardassian War veteransuccessful First Contact, Haradans; REDACTED for Starfleet Intelligence.

Cmdr: Babylon H. Reed, Executive Officer
Currently XO of the USS Axanar, Reed hails from a prestigious Starfleet family. Cross-trained in Security and Operations protocols, she is a steady if somewhat quiet officer – though prone to bouts of… shore leave upon occasion.

Notable achievements: Court-martialed for actions relating to USS Pegasus; survivor of the Battle of Wolf 359; has liaised with Starfleet Security on counter-Dominion operations and protocols.

Lt. SG. Annabelle Archer, Chief Engineer
One of the best young Engineers in the Fleet, and from an even more prestigious family, Archer is one of the youngest line vessel Chief Engineers in Starfleet. She kept her last ship, the USS Ballista running with verve and initiative, while also producing good theoretical work in the area of warp mechanics.

Notable achievements: Served under rogue Starfleet captain Ben Maxwell on the USS Phoenix (found to be innocent of any negligence); some of her calculations in variable warp dynamics have been employed in the new Intrepid design; recently turned down a posting to oversee new hull development, Utopia Planitia; REDACTED for Starfleet Intelligence.

Lt. SG Dr. Louise Brooks Pierce, Chief Medical Officer
An excellent combat physician, Brooks also has Science training, and is known for her research work into Dominion biology, and Cardassian genetic alteration techniques. She has also consulted with Starfleet Intelligence on a number of missions.

Notable achievements: Survivor of the Battle of Wolf 359; REDACTED for Starfleet Intelligence; detailed research into Cardassian morphogenic intelligence techniques; currently working on a detailed study of Jem’hadar biology.

Counsellor Lt. Cmdr. Ariana Rymon of Betazed, Counsellor
A gifted counsellor and skilled empath, Rymon is a quiet but determined officer. If she has any failings, it is that she is perhaps a touch naive.

Recently found to be the Bajoran Caretaker, a position somewhat analogous to that of Emissary. Starfleet is a little concerned that its officers keep getting recruited into Bajor’s religious pantheon.

Notable achievements: Counselled survivors of the Monitor Incident.

Lt. JG Bin’tar of Andor, Tactical Officer/Security Chief
On long term loan to Starfleet from the Andorian Special Forces, Bin-tar was until recently the USS Ballista’s Bosun. However, for service in the field he has received his commission. With the transfer to the USS Axanar, he has added Security functions to his role as Tactical Officer.

A fact his non-commissioned crew-mates rather enjoy.

Notable achievements: REDACTED for Starfleet Intelligence.

Lt. JG Isabella Tereshkova, Helm Officer
Fresh from Starfleet Academy, Lt. Tereshkova graduated near the top of her year, with excellent ratings in helm operations, and majoring in Planetary Sciences.

Notable achievements: Dissertation – The Phases of Planetary Accretion: The Narrative of a World.

GryllaLt. Grylla, of Qo’noS, TRANSFERRED
An outstanding helm-officer and master of the Mat’leth, Grylla was part of a Starfleet/Klingon exchange program when the Khitomer Accords were abandoned in 2372. Due to a disagreement with the direction of Klingon politics, she stayed on board the USS Ballista.

She was a part of the Ballista’s last mission, and has since been transferred to Starfleet Intelligence.


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