Episode 23: BDA – 7th Fleet Rolor Sector Engagement



/1: CALLAN, Jonathan R – #09834-23JC, CMDR: Fleet/Strategic Operations, USS Axanar


/1: LOMBARDO, Jake – #21963-77JL, CAPT: Commanding Officer, USS Axanar

/2: REED, Babylon H – #SA-317-422, CDR: Executive Officer, USS Axanar


BATTLE DAMAGE ASSESSMENT – Rolor Sector Engagement

Result: Total Loss.


  • 98 Vessels Lost, including Command ship USS Destiny

  • 11 Vessels MIA

  • Battlegroup Axanar augmented with three additional vessels

    • USS Merrimac – Heavy Damage, Ordnance expended

    • USS Georgia – Light Damage, Ordnance expended

    • USS Andelle – No Damage, Ordnance expended

  • Battlegroup Axanar currently evading Dominion Fleet through the Rolor Nebula

  • Contact with SFCommand and local //BattleNet lost due to jamming/interference from Rolor Nebula

  • Axanar Ordnance at 45%


The Rolor Sector has fallen. Seventh Fleet losses are near total.


At 1703 hours, Rear Admiral Archer reported a sizable Dominion fleet was entering the Rolor Sector and he gave orders for the fleet to engage.

At 1735 hours, Seventh Fleet command issued order ‘Alamo’ and ordered a retreat to Alpha Volantis. Task Force Axanar was ordered to secure the fall back maneuver at Kavaria and to stay away from the active conflict.

At 1802 hours, Task Force Axanar engaged two squadrons of Dominion attack ships en-route to Kavaria. Dominion forces were completely destroyed with the loss of two Peregrine class fighters from VMF 221; Marine F.LT Sanders, F.LT Mitchens and Marine F.LT Schmid and Marine G.SGT Littler.

At 1912 hours, Task Force Axanar arrived at Kavaria. Seventh Fleet Command issued order CASE: Random – evacuation of all Starfleet and Federation assets from the sector. Task Force Axanar affected the retrieval of all Federation personnel from Starbase Lombardo.

As per orders from Admiral Ross, ASSET: DENIAL was implemented by Bravo Squad, 1st Platoon, 2nd Company, 321st Marines. Deployed mines inside Starbase Lombardo were activated upon retrieval of the Marines and will respond to the authorised master code. Should make capture and control for Dominion Forces difficult.

Task Group Axanar was met by the following vessels from the Seventh Fleet:

  1. USS Merrimac, Nebula Class – Current status: Flight Deck has been destroyed, weapons pod ejected due to fire in torpedo magazine. Current crew: 429 active, 89 wounded, 47 fatalities.

  2. USS Georgia, Miranda Class – Current status: Zero torpedo complement, phaser capacity at 82%, aft shield projector destroyed. Current crew: 191 active, 12 wounded, 4 fatalities.

  3. USS Andelle, Centaur Class – Current status: Zero torpedo complement, all other systems online. Full crew capacity.

At 1945 hours, the following message was received:

“Admiral’s Log, Stardate 51023.1.

I am broadcasting in the clear. I take full responsibility for today’s losses. Many good Starfleet officers gave their lives today, and I want everyone listening to know that they died for the highest ideals – to preserve, to save, to enrich the Federation.

I am proud to have served with every one of them.

As you can hear, we are about to be overwhelmed, and before the Dominion boards my command ship, I am going to launch all my probes. They will be set to broadcast the names of everyone who served here today: the best memorial for them I can make. To everyone listening, I can say only this:

Do not let the sacrifice of these officers and crew be in vain.

This is the final broadcast of Rear Admiral James Archer.”

I am entering the message into this log, along with the confirmed list of vessels destroyed.

  1. USS Destiny

  2. USS Tornado

  3. USS Galaxy

  4. USS Poseidon

  5. USS Domain

  6. USS Rainbow

  7. USS Thunderchild

  8. USS Arete

  9. USS James T. Kirk

  10. USS Arleigh Burke

  11. USS Barry

  12. USS John Paul Jones

  13. USS Curtis Wilbur

  14. USS Stout

  15. USS Mitscher

  16. USS Laboon

  17. USS Russell

  18. USS Ramage

  19. USS Fitzgerald

  20. USS Stethem

  21. USS Carney

  22. USS Benfold

  23. USS Gonzalez

  24. USS Cole

  25. USS Milius

  26. USS Hopper

  27. USS Ross

  28. USS Mahan

  29. USS Decatur

  30. USS McFaul

  31. USS Donald Cook

  32. USS Higgins

  33. USS O’Kane

  34. USS Porter

  35. USS Roosevelt

  36. USS Lassen

  37. USS Howard

  38. USS McCampbell

  39. USS Shoup

  40. USS Mason

  41. USS Preble

  42. USS Mustin

  43. USS Chaffee

  44. USS Pickney

  45. USS Momsen

  46. USS Chung-Hoon

  47. USS Bronstein

  48. USS McCloy

  49. USS Garcia

  50. USS Bradley

  51. USS Brumby

  52. USS Davidson

  53. USS Voge

  54. USS Sample

  55. USS Koelsch

  56. USS Albert David

  57. USS O’Callahan

  58. USS Knox

  59. USS Roark

  60. USS Gray

  61. USS Hepburn

  62. USS Connole

  63. USS Rathburne

  64. USS Meyerkord

  65. USS Lang

  66. USS Patterson

  67. USS Lockwood

  68. USS Stein

  69. USS Vreeland

  70. USS Badger

  71. USS Blakely

  72. USS Trippe

  73. USS Ouellet

  74. USS Bowen

  75. USS Paul

  76. USS Aylwin

  77. USS Cook

  78. USS Brewton

  79. USS Barbey

  80. USS Ainsworth

  81. USS Miller

  82. USS Capodanno

  83. USS Pharris

  84. USS Truett

  85. USS Valdez

  86. USS Moinester

  87. USS Glover

  88. USS Brooke

  89. USS Schofield

  90. USS Talbot

  91. USS McInerney

  92. USS Clarke

  93. USS Sides

  94. USS Estocin

  95. USS Antrim

  96. USS Flatley

  97. USS Fahrion

  98. USS Copeland

Total loss of life: estimated at 49,000+ souls.

At present there are eleven ships unaccounted for which did not proceed to the Alpha Volantis rendezvous. Those ships are:

  1. USS Venture

  2. USS Tokyo

  3. USS Abraham Lincoln

  4. USS Ta’Kir

  5. USS Endeavour

  6. USS Adelphi

  7. USS Ajax

  8. USS Aleo

  9. USS Gorkon

  10. USS Nightingale

  11. USS Potemkin

Task Group Axanar has proceeded into the Rolor Nebula to evade the Dominion Fleet.

Breakdown of specific tactical actions of both Starfleet and Dominion fleets will occur in a supplemental report due to issues in downloading data from the USS Merrimac tactical computers.

All contact with Starfleet Command and the local //BattleNet has been lost due to jamming and interference from the Nebula. This log will automatically update upon return to Federation Space.



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