EPISODE 18 – Prologue

To. Lombardo, Capt J.
From: Ross, Adml. W
Re: Your last report, actions
Sec: Command Only
No one in our strategic think-tanks saw the Klingons going all out on two fronts like this. Even for them, grabbing the Archanis Sector, and making a play for the Rolor Sector, is about as left-field as our planners have ever seen.
Thankfully, you put one hell of a stop to it. I don’t think we’ll see the Klingon High Command underestimating an Akira any time soon.
But a ship is nothing without her crew, so I’m issuing a crew citation to all of your people. And Captain, for your quick thinking, I’m honoured to award you the Grankite Order of Tactics. I just wish I could give it to you myself, but this new bout of Klingon aggression is keeping all of us busy.
That said, I will be sending it, along with a few other little helpers you might find useful. Your requests for ongoing Fleet support, and more ships for the sector, have been approved by Starfleet Command. We’re going to leave the Hawking in the Sector, freeing your vessel up for frontline duties while it undertakes a full survey. I’ll also be sending you a Fleet Tender for your resupply needs, and a few other ships we’ve managed to spare from our build-ups here in the core.
Starfleet Tactical Operations are designating your group Task Unit 77.4.3, detached from Seventh Fleet. I’ve appended ship details to this message, so make sure you and your people are read-in to their capabilities.
Lombardo, you’ve already proven you can fight your vessel, and you know the space. I’m hereby granting you a brevet promotion to the rank of Fleet Captain, for the duration.
Good luck, Jake.
Attached: Task Unit 77.4.3 Assets
USS Axanar (Throughdeck Cruiser), and supports: in situ
USS Hawking (Light Frigate): in situ
USS Orion (Fleet Tender): in transit
USS Zhukov (Exploratory Cruiser): in transit
USS Ballista (Escort): in transit USS Falchion (Escort): in transit

Episode 17 – Prologue

Captain’s Log, Stardate 49962.4
There’s enough to look at in the Rolor Sector, but before we deal with any more planetary anomalies I’d like to know more about the Rolor Nebula itself. It sets in the middle of the sector, and apart from a few systems on its periphery, it’s more or less uncharted. With so many potential threats in the area for my command, I’d like to know just how tactically useful the nebula may be, or if it holds any nasty surprises.
We’re running some external scans before we go in, though the interference we’re picking up – it’s a high-energy emissions nebula, which means it could well be an active stellar nursery, Cartography tells me – is making things tough. But we’ll be heading in shortly.
In meantime, the crew continues to… ASDFKGHJSDKJYizdfgu6t*(&^G92u34755687f