Ep16 – Lifesigns


Eyes: Command Crew
From: Stellar Cartography
Re: Mu Doradus II
We’ve been analysing data recovered by the probe left in orbit following our excursion to the Kaladran Outpost (and, Captain, if they need a liaison, I’d gladly volunteer, just saying), and the results are… confusing.
Like our own scans, it would appear that whatever crystal-like structure is on or under the surface seems capable of reflecting our scanning frequencies, across most spectrums and subspace bands. However, the nature of those reflection patterns themselves reveal a level of temporal refraction that has let us map out some the sub-surface structures.
It’s inexact, but there seems to be an overall, and quite large (ie, continental) base structure, above which are numerous, though far smaller (in the tens to hundreds of meters), more complex structures.
We have not yet managed to pin down the source of the subspace disturbances our own scans initially detected. However, acting in concert with, for instance, one of the Runabouts, and using a series of multiphasic pulse scans, we should be able to get real-time, accurate readings of what’s down there.
Oh, and, it couldn’t hurt to get our Lt. Tereshkova to go over the details. I read her dissertation on planetary accretion phases, and I think she can bring some interesting perspectives to our studies. Just a suggestion. Sir.
Lt. SG. Akatosh