Ep15 – Survival Vector


TO: Commanding officer, USS Axanar

FROM: Admiral Ross, OIC Cardassian border

SecLevel: Operational

RE: Deployment Orders

You are hereby order by Starfleet Command to take the USS Axanar to the Rolor Sector, there to take up a Presence and Patrol footing.

Due to ongoing tensions along numerous Core border states, Starfleet Command is undergoing a redeployment of line assets. As part of this, border and neutral sectors will be operating at reduced shipping levels; smaller patrol assets and sector fleets are being replaced with single ship units more suited to independent operations.

In short, Captain Lombardo, the Rolor Sector is yours.

Though only 80 light years from the Federation Core, you will be operating on the far side of Tzenkethi Coalition, in proximity to the Cardassian Border and the Badlands, while also close enough to the Ferengi Alliance that you should be regularly checking your silverware. Though not claimed by any star nation, there are Bajoran colonies and a Federation outpost in the vicinity, as well as a number of cataloged but unexplored systems.

With limited communications, even via subspace relay, you and your crew will be operating independently.

I, and Fleet Command, have the utmost faith in you and your crew.

Adm. William Ross

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