Star Trek: Far Beyond the Stars

Welcome to the online databanks of the USS Axanar, an Akira class starship serving Starfleet in the 2370s.

This is also the home of its players and GM, and is a selection of articles, entries, excerpts and links to enrich and expand upon the game. It’s also my opportunity to flesh out the subtly different iteration of the Star Trek universe that exists within my own headcanon.

AXANAR_Dedication Plaque

This site is very much a work in progress. The game now has 14 episodes and countless online interactions under its belt, and is still ongoing. At the same time, there are many facets of the Star Trek universe that I’ll be exploring, either based on the work of others or my own thoughts. I hope this page will become one among many great online sites that explore one of the best fictional settings ever created.

05.10.14 – Added Ep 16 entry to Episodes, Lt. Tereshkova, and updated some pages.
01.09.14 – Added email comms leading up to Episode 15
23.08.14 – Started work on Stellar Cartography in LCARS
22.08.14 – Added page for Starfleet.
21.08.14 – Added page for the UFP.
17.08.14 – Added research posts to Brooks’ page.
16.08.14 – Images added to Archer, Brooks, Rymon, and Bin’Tar pages. Medical facilities page added.
15.08.14 – Images added to Lombardo and Reed pages.
08.08.14 – Flight Operations page added to USS Axanar.
03.08.14 – Added prologue for Ep15.
02.08.14 – Bridge Operations page added to USS Axanar. Session countdown added.
01.08.14 – Site goes live.


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